Oral health is not enough to prevent cavities. You must also eat the right foods. Everybody knows that candy and soda contribute to tooth decay. How many of you know that bananas and tomatoes, too, can contribute to tooth decay?

According to experts, the moment you place a morsel of food inside your mouth, your teeth get exposed to acids present in the food. They disintegrate your teeth enamel.

So, oral health does not solely comprise brushing teeth, but it also includes taking the right diet. Certain foods encourage oral health, while certain discourage.

What food is good for teeth and what is bad?

Foods rich in phosphorus and calcium, like nuts, milk, cheese, and other dairy products, are believed to reconstruct the damaged teeth enamel. Firm vegetables and fruits like pears and apples have high water content, which help to reduce the destructive effect of sugars.

Experts are of the view that most foods that we incorporate in our diet do more harm than good to teeth. Tomatoes, citrus fruits, breads, bananas, baked products, candy, chips, colas, and cakes coat your teeth with a layer of sugar. Bacteria present in the mouth feast on this sugar. They turn it into acid. It is this acid that destroys your teeth enamel. That’s why experts ask to avoid eating too much sugar. It is also harmful for overall health.

This does not imply that you must relinquish your favorite foods. Eat in moderation, say experts. They also advise to mix foods and eat. For example, mix acidic foods like tomatoes and oranges in a salad of nuts and spinach to decrease their impact.

Get your teeth checked

Dentists advise to brush teeth after every meal. If this is not possible, you must brush in the morning and before going to bed. Floss daily. You must schedule an appointment with a good dentist every six months.

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What if you have a cavity or tooth decay?

Relax. Root canal treatment can save your tooth. This is done when the tooth nerve gets affected by infection. In this treatment, the dentist removes the living tissue or pulp of the decaying tooth. He or she also removes nerves and bacteria. The space created by the removal is filled with special dental material, which is medicated.

In case your tooth falls off, you can get a crown as a replacement. Nowadays, CEREC crowns are popular. Ensure that the CEREC technology is used by a competent dentist in Loveland. With this computerized technique, you can get a natural-looking crown in an hour!