I’ve been researching other dentists and what they write for their blogs, by about the 14th entry on root canals I thought to myself, “I’m a dentist… and even I find this boring”.  So I’ve decided that I will give my blogs a personal touch.  I want you to know me as a human being, not the scary guy in a lab coat that drugs you up and violates you with his drill.

I’ve always found joy in the simple things in life… simple things like planting something, nurturing it, and watching it grow.  Simple things like the sound of the V8 engine in my 1963 Dodge Panel Truck.  Pleasures like these are what make it all worthwhile for me.

I have my stubborn and inquisitive nature to thank when it comes to my passion for gardening.  I always wanted to garden and after many attempts and many failures, I took one last desperate measure…I turned to my TV for gardening salvation.

I started watching a PBS show on organic gardening called, “The Square Front Garden” and like any novice (novice is a kind description for how bad I was at gardening) watching the Food Network, I began emulating everything I saw on TV to hopefully illicit positive results.  Through repetition and even more failure,  I eventually would grasp the concepts of organic gardening and finally experienced the joy of helping a garden thrive.  Now that I’m a slightly more advanced gardener I listen to the radio show, “The Dirt Doctor” to get all my tips and tricks.

Gardening to me truly is a metaphor for life… whether it’s a skill or even a human being, it starts off small and requires constant nurturing, but with patience and diligence one day you just wake up and notice that what started as a seed is fully mature and bearing the fruits of your labor.  Gardening to me is one of the most fulfilling hobbies… not only does it provide you with delicious produce, tasty herbs, and aromatic flowers, it teaches you the power of taking life one day at a time and putting in the work…even if the work your putting in isn’t instantly gratifying.

Gardening meets the needs I have for tranquility, now I’d like to tell you about an uber manly passion of mine… the need most every man needs fulfilled… that need for heavy duty horsepower and industrial grade ruggedness.  I’m speaking, of course, about my passion for old trucks.

Like most any male, I grew up playing with Tonka Trucks and tractors.  Something about that act as a child just felt so right… and since most men never really grow up, I just started collecting the real thing instead of the toy replicas.  While some might call me a hoarder, I just like to think that I’m the curator of my own museum.

I have built quite the collection (of old junk) if I do say so myself… my personal favorites to collect are old dodge pickups, but I don’t limit myself to just that make.

I’m the proud owner of a ’96 Ford Bronco (it’s white and likes to go on slow speed police chases), a ’69 Dodge W-100, a ’49 one ton Power Wagon (just a fun way to say an old fire truck), a ’63 Dodge Town Wagon, a ’63 Dodge Panel Truck, a ’50 Ferguson TO 20 Tractor, and a Rokon 2WD Motorcycle (It’s an off-road motorcycle that can go just about anywhere).

Fortunately I’m blessed to be able to hire a mechanic to take care of my collection or else I’d have no time whatsoever to dedicate to my patients and after all, that’s what affords me the luxury of pursuing my passions in life.

I hope this blog has allowed you to get to know the more human side of me… next time you’re in the office and want to know the best way to grow your gourds or want to talk shop about antique trucks, don’t be shy.  I always have time to shoot the breeze about my passions.