I don’t know if it’s the irresistible weather patterns, vast luscious mountain scenery or the endless outdoor activities available, but whatever it is, I think everyone can agree that Colorado is a great place to live.

Like most Coloradans, more than proud and willing to boast about our love for this great state, I am no different. I am proud to say that I am a native of Loveland, Colorado and am a lucky part of multiple generations to share in this passion for our home. I am extremely proud of my birthplace and to be one of Loveland’s contributing residences! See, we all do it.

Born and raised here, I have such fond memories of growing up in Loveland, spending much of my time in the hills as many of us did.  Whether it was from driving with my parents up to Estes Park for the day, or to riding my bike from Devil’s Backbone to Boyd Lake; my good old stomping grounds. I delighted in the same activities that even today’s Loveland children appreciate.

I attended Lincoln Elementary School, where I experienced my first crush, as I’m sure we all did. Building the foundations of friendships that last a lifetime. Remembering how, of course, back in my day, I had to walk in the snow barefoot, uphill, both ways (wink).

I’m a proud alumnus of Loveland High School where I cheered on our beloved Indians to Victory, game after game. This was the place where I found the courage to ask a girl if she’d like to dance with me for the first time. Nothing like having your voice crack and knees shake while trying to remain cool. Those moments were scary and yet at the same time exhilarating.

I started my higher education at CU Greeley campus for a year, then to CU Boulder. I enjoyed the occasional college social but never let the fun interfere with my studies, promise. In the pursuit to acquire the best Dental Care Education possible, I attended Northwestern University in Chicago, graduating class of 1969.

Being a fresh graduate with a shiny new doctorate, it is hard to open a practice of your own right out of the gate. The frustration was overwhelming trying to get things off the ground. Defeated in my first attempt by financial setbacks and rising rent costs, I stumbled back home. I was painting houses in order to pay the bills when I thought to myself, “What are you doing? You have a Dental Degree!”  Yeah, I sometimes talk to myself. Nonetheless, I put my degree to use and started practicing dental care with every intention of doing it just to get me to my next endeavor.

Well, as the saying goes, “It’s funny how life works out sometimes.” Who knew I would enjoy helping people have healthy smiles to go with their healthy lifestyles as much as I do? I was born and live in one of the greatest communities. Being able to provide my fellow neighbors with the exceptional service they deserve fills my heart with great joy. I am proud to call Loveland my home, watching it always growing into a great place to live.