Preventative Care

Providing our patients the dentistry choices, tools and training
to make ones’ teeth remain healthy, and last a life time.

Preventative & General Dentistry

Loveland, Colorado – Dental Services

Regular Cleanings

By visiting our office regularly, you will prevent a build-up of stains, clear away harmful bacteria and keep your gums healthy which are essential to good overall health. Consistent dental cleanings help prevent gum disease and it’s associated risks, including heart disease and strokes.

Gentle Dentistry

Our hygienists have a gentle touch and are highly trained so that they can screen you for potential problems while cleaning your teeth. We take our oral exams and screenings seriously . Make sure that you keep your regular exam with your cleaning so that we can screen for early signs of periodontal disease, oral cancer, TMJ and even the earliest signs of tooth decay.

Advanced Dental Technology

We use the latest technology; such as intra-oral cameras, laser cavity detection, digital panoramic, CAD/CAM CEREC restorations and air abrasion for small cavity preparation.

Hygiene & Education

Dr. Richards and his dental team work with you to address your personal dental concerns and to teach you effective brushing and flossing techniques. This is especially important with young patients learning proper dental hygiene.





Preventiative Services & Treatments

  • Cleaning
  • Dr. Exam
  • Bitewing X-Rays
  • Panoramic X-Ray
  • Fluoride Treatment
  • Periodontal Evaluation
  • Oral Cancer Exam
  • Nitrous Oxide
  • Comfort Numbing Gels
  • Custom Bleaching Trays
  • Custom Dental Guards
  • Patient Education
  • Regular Checkups
  • Consultations/Patient Education
  • Nightguards and Mouthguards
  • Detailed Oral Hygiene Lessons
  • Sealants

Free Complete Care Examination

  • Healthy Smile 120+ Point Exam
  • Bitewing X-Rays
  • Panoramic Imaging
  • Care & Maintenance Plan
  • $39.99 Cleaning Voucher (*)

* Voucher given after your initial exam and follow-up care if needed.

Expandable Descriptions

Preventative Dental Care Services and Applications

Dental Mouthguards

We offer custom-made night guards for patients that clench and grind their teeth, patients with TMJ, and athletic guards for our Loveland sports stars of all ages!!!

Fluoride Treatments

Long considered mainly for children, fluoride treatments have been proven tremendously beneficial for adults as well. Flouride helps prevent decay by making the tooth more resistant to acid attacks from plaque bacteria and sugars in the mouth. A varnish is painted on the teeth after your hygiene appointment

Oral Cancer Screenings

We take your oral exams and screening seriously. Screening is looking for cancer before a person has any symptoms. This can help find cancer at an early stage, making it easier to treat. We suggest that you make sure to keep your regular exam with your cleaning so that we can screen for early signs of oral cancer.

Private Consultations

Education is the key! We want our patients to understand how things happen and why they happen. That is why we offer professional education consultations with our office manager Adrienne. She sits down with the doctor before each consultation and goes over all the patients individual needs and then relays this information to the patient in a clear and concise manner.

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Patient Portal

We want the experience of scheduling your first or next appointment to be as easy as 1, 2, 3,.From easy to fill out digital forms to sending us a dental service request. Our patient portal puts all these steps right at your finger tips.
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Our knowledge and dental experience allows us to eliminate your dental fears. With state of the art dental technology we offer quick non-invasive pain free procedures. We understand your fears and dental anxieties are real. If, you are putting off that trip to the dentist consider our FREE dental consultation to discuss your dental needs, dental fears, and our approach to dentistry.

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