Dental health is critical for overall health, as dental problems can lead to a number of health issues and make existing ones worse. It is important to ensure good oral hygiene on a daily basis and take care to visit The Loveland Dentist at least once a year, so that any damage can be identified by your doctor in time and corrective action taken.
What if you have a damaged or missing tooth?

If you have less than perfect teeth, no need to worry. A good dentist can do a thorough evaluation and give you a treatment plan that will have you smiling again. There are a number of treatment options depending on the type of dental damage. Let’s look at some common dental procedures and the various problems they solve.

These are used to protect:
• Cracked or damaged teeth
• Missing teeth
• Imperfect bite

Dental crowns are like caps fitted on the tooth to be restored to make it look natural.

These are used to replace missing teeth which, if ignored, can affect the neighboring teeth and cause problems with diction, change in the bite, difficulty eating and chewing, and put you at risk for gum disease and tooth decay.
Sometimes, implants may be the only solution to restore a tooth and support the structure. With implants, one or more missing teeth can be replaced. These are also used to support dentures and eliminate irritation in the gums. The biggest advantage of implants is the ability to work exclusively on the affected tooth without disturbing the neighboring teeth. However, first, the doctor will have to decide whether you are a good candidate for implants based on the present condition of your teeth. This depends on several factors.

This is used to repair chipped teeth, fill gaps between teeth, and fix stained, misshapen, or crooked teeth. It is a simple procedure that does not require more than one visit.

Minor tooth cavities and fractures, decayed teeth, and surface damage are repaired by filling them with compatible dental materials to eliminate any sensitivity. These can be tooth colored fillings, usually ceramic or composite material or silver based fillings. The right one can be chosen based on your specific needs.

Some people require complete mouth restoration where all the teeth need to be restored both from the upper and lower jaw. This, again, depends on a number of factors and several visits to the dentist.

These are restorations used as an alternative option to full dental crowns and can treat decayed and damaged teeth. The latest development in tooth restoration is CEREC where an innovative method using CAD/CAM technology allows the patient to have his or her damaged tooth restored with a crown, veneer, on lay or inlay in a few hours. The restoration is milled in the dentist’s office while the patient waits, made into a perfect match for the tooth to be restored and fitted during the same visit. Dr. Richards CEREC expert in the Loveland area.

Today, with the various options available to keep teeth healthy, it is easy to manage your oral health with regular visits to the dentists. Before you agree to undergo any treatment, make sure you are well-informed.