A CEREC Dentist Offers Same Day Tooth Restoration

Uneven or damaged teeth can be an embarrassment. Yet, the thought of getting dental work done can be intimidating. Thanks to advanced technology offered by CEREC dentists, correcting damaged teeth and other dental imperfections has become much simpler than before. Gone are the days when one had to make several visits and spend a fortune at the dentist’s clinic. For treatment precision and accuracy in diagnosis, the doctor uses the computer, leaving nothing to human error. Whether you just need a veneer or a crown for a restored tooth or more involved dental services in Loveland, you can save hours with the innovative, cost saving new technology at NeedDentist.

What is same day dentistry?

Here, the dentist leverages technology to do away with tedious traditional processes that took days and sometimes weeks, and achieve the desired results in a few hours during a single visit. They use CAD/ CAM technology to create tooth restorations, such as crowns, veneers, tooth inlays, and on lays, while you wait. This is extremely convenient, if you have a problem taking time off work, as everything gets done in the same visit.

The technology and the process

Developed by Sirona, CEREC or Chairside Economical Restoration of Esthetic Ceramics, often referred to as Ceramic Reconstruction, is a dental restoration product with which the dentist can make a ceramic dental restoration using computer aided technology, 3D photography, and CAD/ CAM. The patients benefit by having their teeth restored during a single visit instead of the multiple visits involved with the traditional way of restoring teeth. The restored tooth will match the patient’s teeth exactly in terms of color and shape, besides being a perfect fit.

The dentist uses a three step method:

  • With a digital infrared camera, an optical impression of the tooth to be restored is obtained.
  • The restoration is designed with a 3D CAD software.
  • CAM technology is used to mill the restoration using high speed burs for precision.

Once the teeth have been thoroughly examined, the affected tooth is prepared for treatment. A digital impression is taken using the computerized system. Based on this, a virtual model of the tooth is made, so that the crown veneer or inlay can be designed. Factors taken into consideration are the exact color of your tooth, the shape of your tooth, and the biting and chewing surface so that the restoration is near-perfect.

Once the design is made, it is communicated to a milling unit at the dentist’s office. Preparing the restoration may take about 20 minutes. The material used is usually porcelain or composite material. The restoration is milled from a solid block after which it is polished or stained and glazed to match your teeth exactly.

The restoration is then fitted and cemented. In a single visit, the dentist diagnoses, treats, and completes the restoration in a few hours. Instructions for caring for the restored tooth or teeth must be followed carefully for the best results. This usually includes good oral hygiene, brushing twice a day, and flossing.