Happy Halloween From the Dr. Richards Dental Team  |   The Home of Dentistry That’s Scary Good!

Halloween is our favorite time around the office… we love to dress up as I’m sure you can tell from the pictures.  This time of year we hear the same question over and over…

“How much candy is too much and is there any kind of candy I should particularly avoid?”

Look, candy is god awful for your health and your teeth, but it’s GOOD and a fun treat this time of year.  So it’s just like anything else that’s simultaneously awesome and bad for you… MODERATION is the key.

Even if you overdo it a bit, just make sure you’re brushing your teeth and flossing well when you’re done.  You have to live a little right?  So why not enjoy a pumpkin shaped Reese’s Cup or 50?

From our family to yours… Have a fun and most importantly, safe Halloween!